by Risa Rotman

Fit for a Princess

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: Tova Leff
: English
: 978-1-929628-38-4




In this charming parable, a busy princess can’t figure out what to wear as she goes about her busy day.  When she’s not in her long, swishy gown and her fancy crown, what should a princess wear?  All the royal advisors have different opinions. But in the end, it’s up to every King’s daughter to choose what will make her Father proud!

Encouraging young girls to develop a sense of dignity and modesty is an important part of their religious character development.  The confidence to choose what is appropriate, regardless of changing fashions, is part of a Jewish lifestyle.


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Author Information

Born in the small Canadian city of Windsor, Ontario, Risa Rotman moved to Toronto for high school, and then attended seminary in Jerusalem. Her writing has been featured in various Jewish publications, including Hamodia, Bina, and Horizons Magazine. For the past twenty-one years, the author has lived and raised her family in Jerusalem.


Illustrator Information

Tova Leff began her career as an artist while still in high school. After intensive training to specialize in airbrush illustration, she opened her own art studio in Lakewood, New Jersey. Tova currently resided in Lakewood, New Jersey with her husband and children.




Customer Reviews


...the book successfully conveys an excitement about applying religion to one's life...

- Publishers Weekly

...Splendidly designed...

- Children's Bookwatch

...speaks in just the right tone about an upsheren celebration from the birthday boy's point of view.

- N'shei Newsletter

...a fun book of learning and teaching and being Jewish.

- Algemainer Journal

The stories are charming and delightful...

- Jewish World News