by Tzivos Hashem

Living Jewish – A Handbook for Life


: Hardcover
: English
: 978-1-935949-51-0



This handbook offers the basic training every kid needs to live the way G-d wants. Learn the fundamentals of Hebrew reading; master basic prayers and blessings; learn the creed of G-d’s army; find out how to keep G-d’s commandments; explore the many holidays of the Jewish calendar and the stage of a Jewish life cycle; and study a host of historic heroes. Let’s use our power to conquer the world for good!.



ISBN: 978-1-935949-51-0

Hardcover 250 pages / List Price $26.00

Customer Reviews


...the book successfully conveys an excitement about applying religion to one's life...

- Publishers Weekly

...Splendidly designed...

- Children's Bookwatch

...speaks in just the right tone about an upsheren celebration from the birthday boy's point of view.

- N'shei Newsletter

...a fun book of learning and teaching and being Jewish.

- Algemainer Journal

The stories are charming and delightful...

- Jewish World News