by Zalmy Hecht

My Very Own Letter

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: Chani Judowitz
: Hardcover
: English
: 978-1-929628-89-6
: 2016940748


Some mitzvos are done daily, some weekly, and others, once a year.  But this inspiring picture book for young children focuses on a mitzvah that can be fulfilled once in a lifetime!

“When I was a baby, so cute and so small,

I got a great gift, the most special of all!

Can you guess what it was? 

What could my gift be?

Each and every Jew is charged with writing a Sefer Torah. It is a mitzvah obligation to this very day, and something that even a young child can accomplish by owning one letter in a Sefer Torah.  What an excitement and love of Torah this cultivates!  What better way to unite all Jews and to embrace their participation this precious mitzvah? The young brother and sister in the book are so proud of having one holy letter of their own, and a certificate that tells them the Parsha in which their letter is found. Beautiful, action-packed illustrations bring the characters to life!




Written by Zalmy Hecht illustrated by Chani Judowitz

ISBN: 978-1-929628-89-6 / LCCN: 2016940748

Hardcover / laminated inside pages / Ages 2-5 / List Price $10.95

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...the book successfully conveys an excitement about applying religion to one's life...

- Publishers Weekly

...Splendidly designed...

- Children's Bookwatch

...speaks in just the right tone about an upsheren celebration from the birthday boy's point of view.

- N'shei Newsletter

...a fun book of learning and teaching and being Jewish.

- Algemainer Journal

The stories are charming and delightful...

- Jewish World News