by Leah Zytman

The Bravest Fireman

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: Leah Malka Diskind
: English
: 0-922613-88-5




Share the dream of a little boy who wants to be the bravest and most hard working fireman on the team. Go along with him to fight a fire, and see how the mitzvos of Hashem guide him as he does his job.

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Customer Reviews


...the book successfully conveys an excitement about applying religion to one's life...

- Publishers Weekly

...Splendidly designed...

- Children's Bookwatch

...speaks in just the right tone about an upsheren celebration from the birthday boy's point of view.

- N'shei Newsletter

...a fun book of learning and teaching and being Jewish.

- Algemainer Journal

The stories are charming and delightful...

- Jewish World News