Gifts to Treasure

Gifts to Treasure When the Rabinovich children arrive in America, they each bring a special gift from their grandparents back in Russia. Eleven-year-old Moshele uses his gift to help him adjust to being Jewish out on the North Dakota prairie. Twelve-year-old Raizel uses Read More →

One of a Kind Yanky and other tales

One of a Kind Yanky and other tales Whether collecting runaway spiders, or catching a runaway clown, Yanky Arens is always up to something. Join Yanky's adventures and make friends with a kid who's one-of-a-kind. Read More →

Marvelous Mix Up and other tales of Reb Shalom

Marvelous Mix Up and other tales of Reb Shalom The wise and understanding Rabbi of Keppel is really put to the test! When the richest man in town won't share a penny with anyone, when something mysterious is wrong with all the children, and when his hateful enemy sets Read More →

Faiga Finds the Way

Faiga Finds the Way Eleven-year-old Faiga lives with her family on a small egg and poultry farm on the outskirts of Kiev, near the Dnieper River. They certainly aren't rich, but Papa has always been able to give tzedakah and provide his family with Read More →

The Secret Tunnel

The Secret Tunnel During the time of King Chizkiyahu, dark days lay ahead for Yonatan and the Jews of Yerushalayim. The wicked King of Ashur, Sancheriv, was about to surround the city. The enemy could easily win by simply blocking off the water Read More →

The Great Potato Plan

The Great Potato Plan Simcha thought that he, Mama and the little ones would soon be on their way to join Papa in America. But when a terrible war breaks out in Europe they are unable to leave Warsaw. Simcha knows Papa expects him Read More →


...the book successfully conveys an excitement about applying religion to one's life...

- Publishers Weekly

...Splendidly designed...

- Children's Bookwatch

...speaks in just the right tone about an upsheren celebration from the birthday boy's point of view.

- N'shei Newsletter

...a fun book of learning and teaching and being Jewish.

- Algemainer Journal

The stories are charming and delightful...

- Jewish World News